A Delicious Antioxidant Juice: One bottle of 8 oz AroJuice daily will give you more Natural Antioxidants + Soluble Fiber than eating 1,000 blueberries, that is 3x or more compared other antioxidant juices while reducing 50% or more Sugar

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You may improve your Heart, Immunity, and Digestive Health & Age Well with the abundant antioxidants and soluble fiber, that enable you to feel better, and have a healthier and happier life

A+ Berry is a Big 10 based Food Tech company

"We created an innovative process using a healthy ingredient (dietary fiber) technology to encapsulate antioxidants and High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to kill microbes in products at cold temperature. This patent pending process disruptively improves the taste and nutrition of the super antioxidant aronia drink".


"Our mission with A+ Berry, is to improve human health & beauty through innovative and delicious antioxidants that utilize cutting-edge Food Technology and the top-ranked super fruit Aronia Berry, and bring positive impacts to the Midwestern Agriculture".


- Co-Founder, Dr. Xu, 2022 Emerging Innovator of the Year, Univeristy of Nebraska-Lincoln